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My Skill

Web design, Design, Node.js, Java, Linux, PHP, C++, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Docker, React.js, Vim, Elixir, Emacs, react-native


Mobile Developer - at StartSe

Development of a web application that gathers all user data in one place, made in reatjs and authenticated by another application using OAuth. An API made on nodes was also used to capture the data of the logged user.

Register and develop an application that allows or uses all products offered by StartSe. Follow courses, events, and missions acquired by the user. Joining an Alumni community ends a mission. Follow news posted on the StartSe platform. This application was developed in react-native using notifications with OneSignal for notifications, to obtain interaction flows in real-time and connected with an API node.

Lead Client App Developer - at Eou Sou Elliot

Development of an initial structure for the creation of the PWA version of the app, to track the transactions made by the app and to monitor the price variation of cryptocurrencies. This project was done using Reactjs and styled components.

Improvement and development of the application, where it was possible to make a purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, in addition to monitoring your purchases it was possible to view news related to cryptocurrencies. This app used react-native, styled-component and connected to an Rest API.

Mobile Software Developer - at Multiware

Initially among the company to improve the Android application, which uses the connection to a specific server for each group of users, it is possible to manage applications, view and renew slips for customers, manage feasibility, manage customer data and view metrics to execute decisions. This application was started in java and was activated again in native mode for use on iOS. It was controlled by redux actions, both the logical part like saving a new ticket in the offline case database and later synchronized and the screen navigation part like logged in and moved.

Help the team and others to develop through PHP quick courses, js and other skills.

The idea and development of a new product to facilitate the customer of the providers reached by TopSapp to open and monitor a case called problems with services provided by the proven company also facilitates access to the financial part of the payment of debts. This application was made in a native version and was re-approved as a basis to recreate an application for each version when the number of applications published on Google Play and Playstore was over 30.

Front-end Developer - at JMJ

I joined the company to assist in the development of a web product that scanned the attendance of Unimed plans.

In the project there was a Rest API in java and the entire front-end was in angular 1.5.

Front-end Developer - at MBoss

As a first job in the development area, I started as a front end developer to create the web part of the ERP made for desktop. Angular 1.5 was used to create the directives and it was for the front end to connect with an API written in Java.

After a few months, I started working on the android application where it was possible to track an order and place new orders online or offline. The app was written in java and used libs as a retrofit to connect to the API in Java and SQLite was also used to save data offline.